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Whole wheat flour Gentil Rosso Bio - 750g

It is the thinnest flour we obtain from the grinding of soft wheat. It is in fact a wholemeal flour as it contains all the parts of the grain. It can be used for the preparation of pizza, bread and other sweet and savory baked goods. It requires particular attention in leavening. It has a decidedly rustic and genuine taste.

The red Gentil is a grain originating from Tuscany and, until the beginning of the 20th century, it was the most cultivated soft wheat in Italy.
It has a tall trunk, has a good resistance to diseases and a good rusticity.
The flours, to be consumed preferably within six months of grinding, have a low gluten index but a good protein content. The content of lipids, vitamins and amino acids is also high. The doughs certainly do not have the elasticity of modern grains, but the flavor remains excellent.

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Olio Serrano