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Articoli, contenuti e novità su Olio Serrano e l'Olio d'Oliva.
I 5 vantaggi dell'acquisto dell'olio locale, biologico e da piccoli agricoltori

The 5 advantages of buying local, organic oil from small farmers

As consumers, we all want to make informed decisions when it comes to what we eat and where we get our food from. Buying local, organic and from smallholders has become a growing trend, and with good reason. In this post, we'll highlight the 5 benefits of supporting smallholder farmers, local foo...
L'Olio Extravergine d'Oliva e i suoi effetti positivi sulla salute

Extra virgin olive oil and its positive effects on health

Extra virgin olive oil is a type of unrefined oil obtained from olives through a cold mechanical process. It is known for its rich, fruity taste and numerous health benefits. One of the best known benefits of extra virgin olive oil is its positive influence on heart health . The oil is high in mo...
Olio Extravergine d'Oliva Olio Serrano Puglia

How to choose the best Olive Oil

Once revered by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, olive oil is still a cooking favourite, capable of adding flavor to meals without sacrificing nutritional value, and indeed enriching it with taste and nutrients. Although olive oil is high in fat , the main types of fat it contains are monounsatu...